Primary Estate Plan

Primary Estate Plan is ideal for persons with young children.  It provides a complete estate planning solution to manage property for children, appoint a trustee, appoint a guardian, and direct the distribution of assets.  


Primary Estate Plan is based on probate as the method for post-death distribution of property.  Therefore, a last will and testament ("LWT") is used to create instructions for delivering property to heirs.  A LWT must always be admitted to probate before it can be used.  Likewise, a personal representative must be appointed by the probate court to carry out the instructions in the LWT. 


Primary Estate Plan provides numerous benefits even though probate is required:

  • Directs the distribution of property upon death
  • Appoints a personal representative to distribute property
  • Appoints a trustee to manage property for minor children
  • Appoints a guardian to care for minor children
  • Appoints a person to manage property upon incapacity
  • Appoints a person to direct medical care upon incapacity
  • Lowest cost estate plan


A Primary Estate Plan includes all of the following items.  Click on each one to learn more.

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